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Tamino Minerals, Inc., is a mineral exploration and development company, (“Tamino”) (OTC: TINO).

Our objective is to locate a multimillion ounce of Gold deposit. The State of Sonora is known to host several of them. We believe that we have the necessary expertise within our team of Professionals to find a Multimillion Ounce Deposit. Our Projects could all together generate at least reserves of 4,000,000 million ounces of Gold, that with an 8-year mine life could equate to produce monthly 42,000 Ounces of Gold. An amount of 42,000 Ounces of Au equates to $65 Million USD monthly revenue. We plan to have assets in Canada, Brazil, Turkey and Mexico within the next two to four years. Our goal is to increase shareholder value through successful project development.

You can contact us visiting our social media network on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , Linkedin or You Tube Channel.

Best Regards,
Tamino Minerals, Inc.

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